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How do I locate a store on LeMarketly?

Please begin by entering your preferred delivery address on the home page. The system will then show you all the stores available to you. We deliver from any store within the 20-mile radius from the delivery address you specified. You can easily switch between stores by clicking on Change Store while you shop.

Can I shop in and order from multiple stores?

LeMarketly allows you to place an order from multiple stores without having to use separate websites or shopping services.

What are product lists?

You can save your favorite products to a list, as well as create multiple lists to suit your needs. To add a product to a list, go to the product page, click on Add to List and select the list you want. You may also create a new list by clicking on Create List in the same dropdown menu and naming your new list. You can create new lists from your profile as well.

Using lists is a convenient way to add multiple items to cart with one click. You can add the whole list to cart and proceed directly to checkout. Adding a list to cart can be done from your profile or within the cart when it is empty. Click on the Cart icon in the top right corner of the page, click Add From List and select the list you would like to order.


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